This 13-year-old South American may be the youngest Planeteer, but he often seems wisest. Raised by Kayapo Indians, Ma-Ti can survive in the wildest jungle. He’s no stranger to the big city either, and he knows a lot about the world outside the Amazon basin. Although he’s had little formal education, Ma-Ti has an intuitive grasp of ecological principles. And he’s willing to give of himself for the benefit of the whole.

The essence of caring and concern, Ma-Ti serves as the Planeteers’ emotional link to the Earth and humankind. He’s also the closest of the group to Gaia, and tries to keep the Planeteers focused on the spirit of her teachings. Ma-Ti often acts as a cohesive force, working to promote Planeteer unity.

Ma-Ti’s element is HEART, which enables him to communicate telepathically with other Planeteers and with Gaia. He can also communicate with animals, and his empathetic abilities allow him to feel emotions that provide valuable clues during the Planeteers adventures.