Fabulous Filtering Fungi


Using Bioremediation to Improve Water Quality

At a high school in the San Juan Islands, WA, high school students were challenged with the issue of addressing motor oil on roadways that was coming from increased tourism. The motor oil was washing off roadways and into the bay and was affecting keystone species, such as herring, in the Puget Sound. In response, the students worked with the Kwiaht Center for the Historical Ecology of the Salish Sea to identify, collect and analyze the oil absorbency of various local mushroom species. Then they inoculated straw bales and wood chips with the most effective mushrooms to create a filtering barrier between the road and the ocean.

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This American Land

This project was captured and broadcast as an episode of THIS AMERICAN LAND, an original conservation news-magazine series on PBS. Opening windows to our country’s amazing natural heritage, they report on engaging stories about America’s landscapes, water, and wildlife – taking viewers to the front lines of conservation, science, and outdoor adventure with stories that inform and entertain. Read more about CPF's partnership with This American Land.

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