The Small Grants Program provides critical ‘gap funding’ to formal and non-formal educators [with budgets under $3 million] who seek to implement high-quality, solution-based programs that empower youth to become environmental stewards and global environmental change-makers.

It is widely observed that today’s youth are becoming increasingly disconnected from nature. Grants provided under this program give youth the opportunity and encouragement to get outside in the fresh air, explore nature, and spend time in a living laboratory where they can smell, touch and feel the wonders of their environment.

Through their exploration with our grantees’ programs, they begin to better understand the natural systems that sustain life and the role they must play in protecting and preserving those natural systems.

Focused on sustainability impact areas that mirror the original Planeteer characters from the cartoon, grants are given in the following categories: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Heart.




  • Renewable Energy
  • Alternative Energy Strategies
  • Energy Conservation and CO2 Reduction
  • Technology


  • Learning Gardens
  • Pollinator Gardens / Native Gardens
  • Recycling Projects
  • Habitat Protection (land-based creatures)


  • Pollution Prevention/Water Testing
  • Water Conservation
  • Alternative Water Strategies
  • Habitat Protection (water-based creatures)


  • Pollution Prevention / No Idle Zones
  • Pollution Alert Programs (MOFCA Flags)
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Habitat Protection (air-based creatures)


  • Community Vitality
  • Curriculum (K-12)
  • High Performance, Healthy Schools
  • Other