Captain Planet and his Planeteers

Youth Planeteer Clubs

The “CPF Planeteer Clubs” is designed to give students the tools they need to become the implementers of student-based programs that save schools money on energy, water, and waste; while implementing ‘clean-air measures’ that reduce student exposure to outside air pollution.

The Planeteer Clubs engage children first-hand in conducting energy and water usage audits and drafting solutions for increased conservation; brainstorming innovative programs to increase recycling collection in their schools; and becoming leaders as they voice their opinions on behalf of their peers to the school’s higher administration.

Similar to the five Planeteers in the Captain Planet and the Planeteers cartoon series, this program also represents the five basic elements of life: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart. As part of their journey through each impact area, students are encouraged to create eco-projects in their schools and communities through implementing various ‘Take Action Campaigns’ such as:

Heart Planeteer of the Week in classrooms
Earth Planeteer Recycling Program
Fire Planeteer Energy Conservation Program
Water Planeteer Water Conservation Program
Wind Planeteer Clean Air School Program

CPF Planeteer Clubs introduce youth to global environmental issues through a very local approach. The program teaches children to think globally and act locally as they create and implement pioneering environmental-change projects with their peers and families.

Global Planeteers celebrating

Global Planeteer Movement

Captain Planet and the Planeteers armed an entire generation with an environmental vocabulary and the power to change the Earth’s future. Inspired by the messages of the series, the now adult Planeteers around the world are now working together in tandem to create a sustainable future.

The Planeteer Movement presents an opportunity for Planeteers to connect and share their ideas, projects, and success stories with Planeteers around the world. The Planet Blog is an open-source project; anyone is welcome to create an account and post. Planeteer Profiles provide a glimpse of the amazing people who continue to be inspired by the series and work to make this Movement a success. And the globe-spanning Planeteer Networks are the live working groups in which Planeteers can meet, plan events, and create positive change in their communities

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