Resources for Garden-Based Learning

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Garden Curricula – Free Online
Blueprint for a Green School from Center for Environmental Education
California School Garden Network Curriculum
Center for Invasive Plant Management Curriculum
• Community School Garden Network lessons
Cooking with California Food in K-12 Schools
Cornell Garden Based Learning
Ecological Handprinter calculating your positive impact on the world
Education and the Environment Initiative K-12 lessons from CA EPA
Energy, Engines and the Environment
Energy Lessons for K-12 from DOE
Environmental Heroes and Sheroes
Environmental Justice
Facing the Future’s Buy/Use/Toss unit
French Fries and the Food System (select lessons)
Food for Thought for elementary grades
Food Security
Garden ABCs: Links to Garden Curricula
Georgia Organics Garden Curricula and How-To Books
Gulf Oil Spill
Harvest of the Month activities  and How to Grow Healthy Children
Harvesting Health: Garden Based Nutrition Education
Huntington Garden Lesson Plans Grades 3 – 6
Integrating Horticulture into Elem Ed
Kids’ Gardening Lessons, Activities, Tips and Background Info
Kids Cook Farm Fresh Food
National Environmental Ed Week School Garden Curricula K-12
Nature’s Partners Pollinator Curriculum
Project Focus UGA
School Garden Weekly Activities
School Gardens and Healthy Meals resource guide
School Garden and Nutrition Program  from Denver Urban Gardens
School Garden Wizard Activities by Season 
Sow It, Grow It, Eat It: Edible Playground activities
Top Documentary Films free documentaries online
Wacky Garden Helpers
(George) Watts Montessori Edible Garden – Lower Grades
(George) Watts Montessori Edible Garden – Upper Elementary

Why Garden?
Philosophy of Garden Based Learning
Why Garden in NY State Schools? ppt

Outdoor Class Management Techniques
Tips and Techniques for Teaching Outdoors (by Petey Giroux and Jerry Hightower)

Best Practices in Volunteer Recruitment and Training
Hart’s Ladder of Participation
Taming the Overly Enthusiastic Adult Volunteer

School Garden Evaluations
Cali EEI pre and post teacher survey

Sustainability of School Gardens
Planning First to make your Outdoor Classrooms Last: a Best Management Practices Guide by Georgia Wildlife Federation (Amanda Kail)

Resources for Gardens and Outdoor Learning Stations
Outdoor Learning Resources (creating learning stations on the cheap)
Funding and Freebies
Seeds of Change  organic
Selecting Pollinator Plants by Region
Vendors and Costs for Sample Outdoor Classrooms on a Shoestring Budget

Schoolyard Habitats® Resources
Creating Schoolyard Habitat Sites: A How-To Guide
Certify Your Schoolyard Habitat with NWF
Frequently asked questions about Schoolyard Habitats®
Schoolyard Habitats® lesson plans
Ideas for where to get help for your schoolyard habitat in your community
“The Schoolyard Habitat Movement: What It Is and Why Children Need It” by Mary Rivkin, Ph.D. “Down By the Schoolyard” by Stephen R. Coffee

Garden Curricula for a Fee
French Fries and the Food System $24.95
Life Lab’s The Growing Classroom   $39.95
Math in the Garden $29.95
Smart By Nature $12.42

Funding Resources
EEinGeorgia’s monthly grant list – comprehensive list, organized by upcoming deadlines
America the Beautiful Fund, Operation Green Plant – Provides grants of flower, herb and vegetable seeds.
National Gardening Association – Provides in-kind grants for school and youth gardens.
Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Education Grants – Grants to support projects that enhance the public’s awareness, knowledge and skills to help people make informed decisions that affect environmental quality.
NEA Foundation Green Grants – Public school educators are eligible to apply for individual grants worth up to $5,000 for the development and implementation of ideas, techniques, and approaches for teaching “green”
Learn and Serve America – Supports grant programs to integrate community service with curricula through service learning.
Wild Ones, Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Grant Program – Gives small monetary grants to schools, nature centers, and other non-profit and not-for-profit places of learning with a site available for a stewardship project.
Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation – Supports public education and community Improvement projects.
National Environmental Education Foundation – Provides grants to support environmental education.

Educator Resources
Get To Know Your Wild Neighbors Contest – contest inspires youth to discover nature, express themselves creatively, and learn to care for the environment through art, writing, and photography.
Ranger Rick Educators Guide Ranger Rick® magazine is a great tool for building nonfiction reading skills and conceptual science understanding in children.
Outdoor Family Fun Guide – The brochure includes easy-to-do projects such as creating a pinecone birdfeeder, toad abode and bird bath.
Wildlife University – A fun, interactive way to learn at your own pace about endangered species and creating wildlife habitats.
Youth Service/Community Service Project Ideas – Learn about fun and meaningful programs for youth or community service.

Ford Elementary School Children’s Gardens
• Featured in PBS episode 309 of “Growing a Greener World
• Featured in Environmental Ed in Georgia Resource Guide
• Ford Elementary Garden video slide show
• Ford’s Community Garden: Seeds of Hope blogspot
• Ford’s Evening in the Garden featured in “Show Me the Outdoor Learning” Presentation
• The Making of Ford Elementary’s Community Garden: video
• Referenced in Children and Nature Network blog (fence)
• Featured in Herb Broda’s books: Schoolyard-Enhanced Learning and Moving the Classroom Outdoors

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