The Learning Barge

Learning Barge

The Learning Barge
06.26.2013 by captainplanetfdn

“We barged forward with YOUR help! With Captain Planet Foundation’s support we were better equipped to hold 4 teacher workshops, educate 9,438 students and families on the Learning Barge and hold our first summer camp. The additional science tools truly enriched our program and made a difference.”

-Robin Dunbar
Deputy Director – Education
The Elizabeth River Project.”

Students listen to the sound of the ocean in whelk snail shells.

CPF grantee, the Elizabeth River Project runs the Learning Barge which is the world’s first floating wetland classroom and America’s Greenest Vessel. Powered by sun and wind and equipped with live wetlands, an enclosed classroom, composting toilets and a rainwater filtration system, the 120 by 32 foot Learning Barge is designed to both model and teach ecology and sustainability to the next generation of lower Chesapeake Bay, Virginia stewards.

The greatest educational achievements of the project
• To date 29,271 passengers have participated in Learning Barge Education.

• 9,438 passengers participated on the Learning Barge during this project.

• 140 schools were recognized as River Star Schools for implementing projects that had a positive impact on the Elizabeth River. Projects include water quality testing, oyster gardening, recycling, composting, litter clean-ups, wildlife and plant identification, scoop the poop campaigns, outdoor classroom activities, lecture series, wetland and habitat restoration and more.

• 4 teacher workshops were held.

• 83 children participated as River Explorers in their first summer camp.

• 1,803 people came on the barge during the Children’s Festival.

• Developed new preschool programming for spring 2013 program.

Students look at river life with microscopes.

Student records the salinity of the barge water in data booklet.

Students retrieve a bucket of water to perform water quality chemistry.

Student practices Bernoulli’s Principal as she blows into a wind tube and fills it with one breath.